Theresa Duran, PhD

Welcome to Duran
Editorial Services

What I Do

I offer professional indexing, copyediting, and proofreading services. In a nutshell, I take your writing and make it better. Whether you have a manuscript in need of a scrub and polish, page proofs in need of an eagle eye, or a book in need of a comprehensive index, I can help.

Who I Am

I am a freelancer working from my home in Marin County, California. With a PhD in English and over six years of experience as a staff editor for a San Francisco Bay Area publisher, I have a solid grounding in both academic and publishing practices. For more on my qualifications, see the About page.

Why Choose Me

I pride myself on thorough and accurate work, courtesy and confidentiality, reasonable rates, and attention to deadlines. My repeat customers include large trade and scholarly presses, small specialty presses, museums, business organizations, university professors, and self-publishing authors.